Hi! My name is Melissa Sleight. I have a passion for tasty food and healthy living!

Ever since I attended my first class in nutrition day one of Freshman semester, I knew I wanted a career in nutrition. It's such a necessary part of our everyday lives!

My degree in Nutrition and Food Science allows me to guide you in simplifying ALL THE NOISE surrounding nutrition and healthy lifestyles. You can finally feel good!

As a Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, you will benefit from working with an expert using a whole foods, lifestyle based approach with permanent behavior change to prevent, treat and reverse lifestyle-related illnesses in more areas that just food.

Whether you are a business, group or individual, I can help you. By providing SO much more than a basic meal plan, your nutrition needs will be clarified and supported every step of the way. Everyone deserves to feel the change well-made food can make to their mind AND body.

Melissa Sleight

Registered  dietitian  nutritionist   &  lover  of  delicious  food

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